Marco Massarelli Velia della famiglia VelchaVelia della famiglia Velcha

2002 Marco Massarelli (Gennaro Coviello)

From Vells of Light to the slab of Time Today Massarelli appears like a singolar painter, an artist that place with the immagination to the service of his reality of painter, of its visual way to say that find in the works of art his representation. I would like to say that the only origynalyty of Marco Massarelli has personalized the light, a privileged reality of an incorporal nature, and its through communication - between the superior reasons of the world and men. Massarelli has execeded this personalitation; he has established to the Metaphysies of Parmenide, as become darkness and night. The light of Massarelli is a substance that change in transparent velis, diaphartans as far as it's necessary, by which means its possible to see a figural element of an ancient heroic, archtype or legend represented. The presence of the first form which is light is affirmed by time in Massarelli's work, a dimension which is represented as a sheet in its concreteness and tactibility of its surface and its tickness. Whithin the light transmited in the vell and within the time which changes within the sheet and which is imaginary extending towards the infinity, all of the significance of the artist's visionary concept is included. With these two fundamental entities Massarelli has placed his forms in light, declaring their source representively, making appear in the shadow game and in its effectual tonality, only in the way which is necessary to the remains of the pas intrinsie in the student who looks at the past. In the dimension of time, Marco Massarelli has linked the relation ship between the past and the future, leaving behind the reminder of the event, the antecedent of the iconic representation seen with the course of immagination reexhumed from history and baith, from actuality and existence. Therefore the notion that it's possible has been configured in Massarelli as representative reality, engering once again in the presence of the memory of things, and of that which is substantialy of pastcivilization on an honarific level. The connection between light and time which aren't opposed as coexistent in them is the fundamental fulcrum and secret of all Massarellian art. This fulcrum which is shown and which hesitates those roads and presences once again which touch the sacred a antique are stated with an incisive design which is poised and delicate in it's composites which are delt with, mixed colour which doesn't ever betray itself and its luminous effect. Design and colour which evoke an event in its classicress in a resilient manier the placicity of the boadies and the interior expression of his subjects. It's between veils of lights which Massarelli rediscovers what is beautiful and true. Time indefine them, there the formula as then only form consecrat the dimension which has been evoked and accepted by the painter whe then chartges them by going into himself and his own past, rediscovering that same image, that significance which is always new and charming of conscianess of life. Worldliness and spirituality in the Massarellianan work are pand of formal experience, esptured in light wihin a second of relative space and toward intense reality as identity and timeles entity. Light and time within this artist are the ways and means which the soul travels in function of its consigned esperience by means of the psyche instrumed which is inforred. Therefore Massarelli is a memory painter, in a manner which finally begins to become concret on imaginary formular and in the concrete mind of light a time which is no longer dialectic in philosophy and mathematics, but with imaginable and usable presence through Marco Massarelli's world. Gennaro Coviello